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  • Our school uses the teaching techniques that combine the classical approach and the communicative methods. Japanese is taught through the communicative methods. The teaching is conducted by the lecturers to whom Japanese is not only their job, but a style of life.

  • The basic course comprises 2 years of study, aproximately 150 academic hours. The completion of the 2 year course prepares you to take the Japanese Language Proficience Test of the 4th level of language competence. The first year of study corresponds to the level of A1 of European language competence, the second year accordingly to the level of A2.

  • At the end of each semester we offer you to take a transitional test to estimate your results in language learning. 

  • The effectiveness of the course is guaranteed by active using the audio/videomaterials. We also provide our students with all the study materials.

  • From time to time the lessons are given by native speakers which promotes your languages skills and introduces to you the culture of the studied language.

  • To register, please visit the link or fill in a registration form and send it to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


  • Our teachers and the personnel of the school treat the students with respect and are always helpful to provide any necessary assistance in connection with language learning.